Hi there. I’m an Art Director and Graphic Designer, known for my handcrafted design aesthetic.

I take a thoughtful and intentional approach to designing and connecting brands to their customers, by elevating their imagery in new and exciting ways. Combining my discerning stylist’s eye and creative director’s intuition, with meticulous attention to detail from my past life as an Art Director, my ability to get to the heart of a brand is exceptional. I’m passionate about elevating your brand with handcrafted and show-stopping visuals. I’m all about aesthetics and emotion – about portraying a thoughtful brand – but being bold and taking strategic risks at the same time.

Passionate about getting your brand seen?

Hola! My name is Alba Garcia-Castrillo and I made my passion for design, illustration and letters my day job by creating beautiful brand designs. I hear your story and see your dreams. I handcraft authentic and handmade logos, illustrations and web design, to let you use your unique voice to show your brilliant ideas.


I’ve been passionate about letter forms for many years and I’ve studied with great experts on the matter. I believe in the authenticity and life that handmade things have, which differentiates them from any template design that lacks personality. It provides your brand with a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it pop out.


Any project I work on, I do so with all my love and passion, as if it was my own. Bringing your ideas to life makes me super happy. It is my mission to help those who want to create and bring their dreams to life with designs that are beautiful, efficient and shine with their own personality.

My studio is situated on the wild north coast of Spain. I share the space with my kid, the dog and 5 chickens. When I’m not working on making dreams come true, we spend our days out in the wild, growing flowers and an orchid that grows every year. I’m aiming to build a cottage-style garden that grows all year round. I love to be surrounded by nature. It’s my inspiration and what refills my batteries. Slowly, we are trying to become auto-sufficient, powered by sunlight and we eat what we grow.

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