Hola this is Alba, nice to meet you!

I have a never ending thirst and deep, deep love for design, calligraphy and lettering.

Starting my educational journey at Miami Ad School, I gathered years of experience, working for international ad agencies around the world to become a senior art director.

Today, I am offering my experience, together with my passion for effective, beautiful design, as a freelance Art director/ calligrapher.

My passion are letters, and in my free time I have devoted my studies towards learning the art of calligraphy. Not happy with this I have explored other arts involving letter, like sign painting a beautiful and skillful art of making signs by hand.

I have studied with great teachers the past 5 years to be able to become great at what I love doing.

I love a hand-crafted approach to projects and desire for meaningful collaboration.

My services go from logos and brand identity design, custom illustration for merchandise, web design with WordPress Divi, mural painting. Check out my services for more details and services.

Passionate about all hand-made I’m committed to always offer illustrated and lettered design.

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