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Section One:


If you’re big-hearted, with big dreams and big ideas, you’re in the right place.

Our work is as individual as you are. This Is Alba Studio works with unique people – looking for true craftsmanship in their designs. 


  • Maybe your existing logo just isn’t right
  • Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current image 
  • Or you could just be getting started with a brand new business



Captivate your clients with a brand identity that oozes naturalness and will feel like YOU, from the inside out. 


Wherever you’re at in your journey, I’m here to help.

Section Two:


Open with the quote: “We cannot become what we want, by remaining who we are.” – Max Depree


As the world, your chosen market and your business move on, your brand should go through an evolution. A “pretty logo” in the beginning might be just enough to get started, but to really make waves, you need to be able to move. To inspire. And seduce. 

And here’s the thing, in this ever changing digital environment, we have to be able to do this in just a few subconscious seconds.


Unless your brand has the power to attract the right person, with the right message, you’re missing a huge opportunity for authentic connection.


And that’s where I come in.


I’m a super natural human, who loves to bring out the values and believes of my clients to let them shine through their brand. Work that emanates authenticity, a brand you’ll love and your clients will want.

Hola! I’m Alba. 

Art Director, Designer, Dreamer. 


My designs exude authenticity. Like you, I’m multi-passionate and multi-talented, so I pour all of my creativity and innovation into everything I do. My timeless designs will help you to powerfully convey your brand message and tell your story.


Working with This Is Alba Studio is a partnership. You bring the big ideas, I’ll bring the creative magic. Time, dedication – it’s required on both parts, but we’ll produce something incredible!

If you’re ready to bring your vision to life, I’ve crafted three unique packages to help you do this.


And of course, if you need something a little more bespoke, just drop me a line.


Powerful brand design, aligned with you and your beliefs.

Who is it for?

This package is the perfect choice if you need a beautiful brand identity that is unique and hand-crafted for you. 



Everything that’s included in Design, plus a series of striking packaging designs for your brand.


Who is it for?


This package is for you if you have products to sell, and need to wrap them up  in gorgeous packaging design.



The complete This Is Alba experience – our most extensive package available. 


Who is it for?


If you’re looking to create a beautiful online home for your brand, this is the option for you. 



Trabajar con Alba es estimulante. Es pura creatividad y tiene mucha facilidad para encontrar soluciones a lo que necesito en cada momento. Me contagia con la pasión que siente por su trabajo y eso hace que los proyectos junto a ella siempre crezcan. Sólo digo que ¡quiero trabajar con Alba muchas veces más!

Miriam Mora


“Alba not only has a rousing passion for design, her talent to develop visually impactful solutions and her professional approach to make them happen, from idea to execution, makes her the perfect full-service-creative.”

Christoph Wick

Creative Director, Freelance

Alba was invited to create the new logo of the European Society for Emergency Medicine and the outcome of her creativity was a simple and easy to understand logo, which is memorable, timeless and appropriate.

Michel De Bisschop


If you’re getting hitched or planning a very special event.

Congratulations! see more to find out what i can do for you!

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